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[Katie and Trixie]
My name is Kathryn Marie Davis. Mommy calls me "Katie" and Daddy calls me "Kitka."
The picture on the right here is me with my dog, Trixie.

If you scroll down a little, you'll see more neat things!

Life With Kitka - December, 2005 DVD

[Katie's Starry Night]
I drew this at school in art class. We talked about Van Gogh and looked at some of his paintings.


Fun Time!

[Neopets -- Click Here]
I have four virtual pets at Neopets. It's Fun! [COOL!]
My Pets and Petpets
[Green Dog]
Green Dog
(Christmas Doglefox)

Games I Have at Home
I play these all the time, along with games like Backgammon, Castle Risk, Chess, Double 9 Dominos, Fargo North, Decoder, Powerpuff Girls - Villains at Large game, Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Jojo Attacks Townsville game, Shift Tac Toe, and Stay Alive.
[Cat in the Hat]
[Checkers & Chinese Checkers]
[Chutes and Ladders]
[Connect 4]
[Don't Wake Daddy]
[Ho Ho! Cherry-O]
[Scrabble Junior]
[Wheels on the Bus]


[Mustangs team photo]
The Summer of 2003 was my first season playing T-Ball for the Mustangs!
Pictured 1st row (l-r): Jacob, Katie (ME), Andrew (Hot Wheels), Tiffany, Trever. 2nd row: Coach Matt, Allie, Kyra, Jamie, Beth, Cheyenne

My Photo Scrapbook
[Costumed Katie]
My First Halloween
[Katie with Santa]
My First Christmas
[Kitka with Easter Bunny]
My First Easter
[Hoppy Halloween!]
"Hoppy" Halloween!
[With Mommy for Mardi Gras]
Downtown for Mardi Gras
[On a Carousel Horse]
On a Carousel Horsie!
[Katie on the Playground]
Katie on the Playground
[Katie and Daddy on Train!]
Katie & Daddy
on the Train!
[Katie 'Puting]
Katie 'Puting
[Christmas 2000]
Christmas 2000
to see our family e-card
[COOL] Click Here [COOL]
[Christmas 2001]
Christmas 2001
to see our family e-card
[WOW] Click Here [WOW]
[Christmas 2002]
Christmas 2002
to see our family e-card
[NEAT] Click Here [NEAT]

[Guess Which Baby!]
I've been told that Mommy and I look a LOT alike. Guess which baby is which - click on the picture to see a color version ME.

[Katie on BRSO flyer]
I'm in print... on the cover of the 2000-2001 season brochure for the Baton Rouge Symphony!


My Pet Alicorn

[Alicorn Certificate]

Click on the certificate above or the following link to go to visit the artist, Lady Blue.
[Agni Alicorn]
Agni the Alicorn




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