My first character (may she rest in peace)

Mmarsaya the Cutpurse
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[Mmarsaya the Catfolk Thief]
Mmarsaya was a female catfolk with blue eyes and brown fur she liked to wear spiked out wildly.

"My earliest kittenhood memories are all of just scamperin' to stay alive on the streets amongst th' rats and roaches, beggers, urchins, and other such "street rats". I was wanderin' around with various fighter types in the meadows before I was anythin' mor'n an urchin, learnin' firsthand that it's far better to have somebody ta cover yer back than ta be all alone, and that I really like havin' a full belly and plenty of coin in my pocket.

...Speakin' a livin' th' next day, there's th' time I learned th' hard way ta NEVER drink a potion 'less ya KNOW what it is. I'd finally gotten to where I was startin' ta fight offensive instead'a jes every which way 'n I was keen ta try my new style. But when I downed th' potion, I got a belly fulla fire instead'a th' healing I expected. Next thing I know, I'm wakin' up with nothin' but a nightmare of burnin' guts.

'N then there was th' time I ran into some pesky hornets south'a th' city. An' again when I went back ta look for what I'd dropped. And then a whole swarm mobbed me ON th' road. I ran fer th' city, hopin' I could dive into th' fountain in th' middle'a town, but I never made it to th' gate. It goes without sayin' that I didn't enjoy that trip ta Mortis's anymore'n th' first times. An' I heard later that some others ran into a ghoul'a me. When I heard that, it really creeped me out. Ta think that a dead corps'a me was out there and was harder ta fight!

...It's been a while since I wrote anything in here. Th' main reason fer that is that I been too busy with th' love of my life, a human strongarm name of Khaosai. He's actually taller'n I am! Yeah, I met him within th' guild. And he's quite a tailor on top of all his other skills and attributes. You should see th' coat he made fer me, and wait'll ya see th' wedding dress when we do get hooked together official!

[Three Interlocking Rings brand]
Ever since I found a way ta appease th' Gods of th' Aether, I've been lookin' fer other deeds ta build up my helpful rep. I've managed ta help out th' poor woman in Kelnore, deal with th' old man in th' swamps, and am lookin' ta see if there aren't more messes I can't clear up... Nowadays I get my kicks cleanin' up th' sewers (upper levels anyways) and mines 'n such along with th' occasional raid'a gypsy camps... and hearin' youngsters give ME th' "Yes, Ma'am" treatment when they see my cloak 'cause they wanna chance ta join."

My latest accomplishments've been th' time I was able to prove myself in Sable's infamous proving ground Torrid 15, 221, and 'bout a month later (Sojourn 10) I unraveled all've what was wrong fer Othello.

I've had a few additions ta my tattooing of late as well. 'Fraid a noble name'a Gratiano thought I was gettin' too cocky'n needed a reminder'a my mortality. 'N then I run into a Silvanite priestess who got me with swarms'a creepy crawlies. Yeech! And th' last of my tattoos're th' frog on my hand that's from a story Tali tol' me 'n I'm usin' since I don't know what an ochre jelly looks like. Most recently I ran into a shadow and a stirge't I couldn't get away from, and I'm hopin' they'll be th' last of my tattoos for a while.

(exerpts from Mmarsaya's diary)

I did find a home amongst the thieves' guild, but if ya think I'm gonna tell ya ANYTHING about any of that here, then yer jes' stupid. If ya wanna find'm 'n they wanna find you, it'll happen. It'd be useful fer a potential theif ta read up everythin' he can get his hands on about it IN Sable. Let's just leave it at that.


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