Ficta's Songbook
(Various Poems and Songs I have written for use in New Worlds.)

Last modified May 19, 2005.

[Ficta at the tavern]
playing at the tavern
Beachcombing Song
Caravan Song
Dalamar the Idiot
Music is Everywhere
Ode to Jasna


Beachcombing Song

I'd rather be the Duke than be a duck out in the park.
I'd rather have the lights on than be lost out in the dark.
I'd rather be out with my friends than stuck in with a bore
And I'd rather be out digging up the shells along the shore!

An oyster shell's a pretty thing with pearly white insides,
And the cockle shells look rather like they're little butterflies.
If you hold a conch up to your ear you'll hear a nifty song
And you're always free to grab a shovel and to come along.

And if your shovel handle snaps, you still can have some fun
So shuck that cloak and dragonskin and take a little sun.
The sand you sift between your fingers makes them glow so fine
While watching crabs and turtles as they play on the shoreline


Caravan Song

The merchants set up a caravan,
we'll leave at earliest dawn
for the patrons drank our dear tavern dry,
and all the food is long gone!

Let's all sign on for the caravan,
invite your friends to come, too!
For the merchants pay rather well for their guards
and the road has such a grand view!

Come one, come all on the caravan
'Twill be adventuresome fun!
We'll slay any bandits that come to attack,
And eat like kings when we're done!

We're moving out with the caravan
Make sure the bundles are tied!
I just really wish that I had a good horse
or some sweet pony to ride.

Here we come with the caravan
We'll beat the bandits all down,
For they'll never get past our blades or our shields
And soon we'll make it to town

Being On the road with the caravan
Is such a wonderful job
With companions sharing the work and the fun
it's grand to go as a mob!

We've come to town with the caravan
And look, it's barely past noon!
I can hardly wait for the next caravan,
I hope they'll form one up soon.


Dalamar the Idiot
Based on events when Ficta was an immigrant

Gahlen's jester, Dalamar
fought with Darci in the bar
Let's just say this rising star
Won't be going very far

Dalamar wished all to see
He'd scream "Immigrant Rights for me!"
When I dared him fight or flee
He backed away quite rapidly

This idiot then wished he'd killed -
Attacked a serf within the guild
his reputation for to build
But all he got was firmly stilled

He then went for Sivastion's head
"The Judge is just corrupt!" he said
He wished the Judge replaced, instead
'Twill be the self-styled Lord who's dead

The fugitive was caught and found -
And now, by order of the crown
it's off to prison life he's bound
to rot in jail in Surik town.


Music is Everywhere
The laughter of children at play in the park
Music can be the bright tune of the breeze
as it dances through windchimes and rustles the trees
A concert of crickets as day turns to dark

It's birds joining into a chirp-cheerful tune
The patter of raindrops that lull you to sleep
a seashell that whispers its song from the deep
or wolves in the forest that bay at the moon

No matter how quiet the day may appear
Music surrounds us wherever we are,
at home in our beds or at travel afar
no matter how distant, the treasure is near.
A melody soaring as high as a star -
Music is everywhere. Listen, you'll hear.


Ode to Jasna

Written for her guildmate,

One day I left the beach, my backpack filled
When Jasna told me, as I took a walk,
"Come back to Gahlen, join my token talk"
And so I went to meet her by the guild

Her teasing jests led me to try my luck -
Oh, woe the day I dared frivolity!
I cast a web on her and then, you see,
That mage, for jest, turned me into a duck!

I stood there, feathered, 'midst my fallen gear
And could but quack frustration at my fate.
I dove inside my pack and quaked in fear -
How would I ever live in such a state?
So heed my warning, every one of you,
And leave the mage alone lest you quack, too!

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