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Last modified April 6, 2004.

This page is dedicated to my adventures on the Threshold MUD.


Threshold MUD is located at telnet 23. If you click on the images above, you'll find a website full of information about this richly detailed role-playing MUD.

If you do decide to create a character and join in, please tell'm Elidia sent you!

Elidia the Dawn Herald

[Elidia the bard]
Elidia M'Kerra
Ember ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
click here or on the image above to go to her website for more fantastic artwork!

Dawn Herald? you might ask. This self-assumed title comes from Elidia's practice of singing a verse of a Vishnu hymn at every dawn.

Elidia is a female catfolk, 5'5" tall, with deep blue eyes and short, somewhat curly chestnut hair. Emulating the Romani who adopted her, she has a multi-hued, irridescent hummingbird sipping out of a white honeysuckle tattoo on her upper back. She is never without an instrument of some sort, even when fishing off the Sablean docks.

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